Applebees Coupons and Deals.

We have compiled the most current coupons, deals and promo codes on one page. Appebees offers regular discounts across the nation and gives out printable coupons to customers who frequent Applebee’s family restaurant.

Applebee’s Neighborhood grill and bar is one the most well-known American restaurants. The restaurant offers high quality, traditional dishes that Americans can trust. Their main rivals are Olive Garden or Chilis.

You can find the menu at our Applebees Page. It includes a list of starters and entrees. .

Applebees Coupons

Each month, the page will be updated to reflect the most recent coupons and discounts. The comment section will keep the list updated.

Applebees Coupons

Applebees website you can visit. Applebees has special offers throughout the nation, including the 2-for-20 menu.

You can sign up by email, and receive email updates with coupons and news. Sign up today to receive a FREE desert for your birthday. See signup page is here:

You won’t find any printable Applebees coupons. There are not many reliable sources of Applebees coupon printables. You can also search Google for them and find 99.9% of the results expired.

If there is an Applebee’s Restaurant in your area, make sure to check your junk mail. They may occasionally send you a coupon via mail.

Finally, sign up at to receive local Applebees discounts.

Applebees Coupon codes:

If you already know what your order will be, then you can place it online before you visit Applebees. Type in your order and then checkout.

NOTICE: Coupon codes may not be valid for longer periods of time.

Applebees 2 – 20$ Meal Deal

This deal is extremely well-liked. To see the full list, visit our menu page.

One appetizer per person, plus two entrees, costs only 20$. Entrees like the Bruschetta Chicken & the Chicken Carbonara are included in the offer.

Applebees Kids Eat Free

Children can enjoy a free meal at certain Applebees Restaurants every Tuesday between 5-9pm. 2 children, 12 and younger, will enjoy a free meal for each adult who has purchased an entree.

DISCLAIMER. The trademarks and are not affiliated with this page. This site is for informational purposes only and does not contain any menus or coupons. has the Applebees’ website.

Please keep checking the site as it is updated every month. Let us know if there is a coupon code or tip for Applbee. Bon Appetit

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