Autobell Car Wash Prices 2022

Autobell Car Wash Prices: Autobell was established in 1969 by Charlie Howard 1969 and launched the first auto bell service in South Boulevard in Charlotte.

The company continues to be managed by the Howard family, and its dedication to providing efficient customer service and environmentally sustainable practices continues.

Autobell Car Wash prices List For All Services




Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Full Service Car Wash


Full Service Car Wash (15-passenger vans and larger)


Super Wash


Double Polyprocess℠


Super Polyprocess℠


Manager’s Special with Rain Repellent


Manager’s Special with Armor All®


Exterior Only Cleaning

Ride-Thru Exterior Wash


Super Ride-Thru


Exterior Wash


Super Exterior Wash


Exterior Special


Extra Services

Underbody Wash


Rain Repellent Front


Rain Repellent Front and Rear


Rain Repellent Front, Rear, Sides


Armor All® Exterior


Armor All® Interior


Armor All® Complete


Tire Gloss




Polish & Sealer


Premium Mat Cleaning Front


Premium Mat Cleaning Front & Rear


Premium Mat Cleaning Cargo Mat


Order Online: Purchase Autobell Car Wash Gift Cards Certificates and passes


There are other options for convenience by purchasing digital items and passes. They are available in the shop, and ready to use without membership.

Description of the Product and Price


Autobell Car Wash Prices 2022 

  • E-Gift Card is a card that can be used to purchase any service provided that the price of the gift card can pay for it. Any balance left unpaid will roll over your next purchase. ($25)
  • Super Polyprocess Wash eTicket The ticket is valid for a year with no expiration date and comes with all the features and services that you have come to love with Super Polyprocess. ($29.99)
  • Card for Gifts Give your loved ones an Autobell Car Wash gift card ranging from $10-$100 with cards that can be redeemed anywhere in Autobell branches.
  • Autobell Annual Pass This pass allows you to get car washes with no worries about the cost in one calendar year (for the one automobile only). ($395)
  • Autobell SuperCard Similar to Annual pass however instead of the basic car wash, you’ll get unlimited access to deluxe Super Polyprocess for a whole year. ($855)
  • 3 full-service wash tickets Three car washes you can make use of at any time. ($50)
  • 50 full-service wash tickets 50 washes without expiration and include the full-service vehicle washing. ($788)
  • 50 exterior wash tickets Tickets are valid for 50 exterior services such as exterior cleaning and robotic wheel cleaning as well as hand-drying. ($470)

Here are the costs for the other products available from Autobell. You can pick either the annual pass or monthly pass for ease of use. Give someone an eGift card in case you think they’ll need Autobell’s services. Autobell.

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The Autobell Unlimited Car Wash Plan members and Prices


Unlimited Plans are designed for people who are not business customers and would like to have a freshly cleaned vehicle at all times. If you require frequent car wash, you can save money when you sign up that allows unlimited washes.

Note that unlimited plans are only offered for one car. You can choose an unlimited plan starting at $19.99, $19.99, $31.99, and $69.99. Find the most affordable unlimited plan for you in the table below.

Ride-thru Unlimited Plan & Price

The option of a ride-thru is included in other possibilities under the Exterior Unlimited Plan. It also has wheel vacuuming by robotics, so you don’t need to get out of your vehicle for an auto wash. It provides an automatic car wash, but a manual option is also. This package costs the price of $12 per month.

Exterior Unlimited Plan & Price

The Exterior Unlimited Plan includes services like Ride-thru cleaning and additional benefits, hand-washing your vehicle dry and automatic payments after two visits. The service automatically renews each month unless you decide not to. You can purchase the plan for $19.99.

Full-Service Unlimited Plan & Price

The unlimited full-service plan provides all of the features from the Exterior unlimited plan, however, with a variety of additional features. The windows in the interior and the dash inside, doors, and consoles are also cleaned.

You can also get your seats and carpets cleaned for your convenience. This service is available for $31.99 per month.

Super Unlimited Plan and Price

This plan includes all advantages of the exterior fully-fledged, and unlimited plans. Additionally, it comes with double poly processes auto gloss tire gloss, as well as the scent of your choice for $69.99 per month.

Autobell Business Accounts Cost


What happens if you run a company that requires two vehicles? A $20 cost for a car wash is expensive when you own more than ten vehicles that need cleaning. Autobell’s business account is an affordable and quicker alternative to have your car sparkling and attractive. All plans start at just $100 per month and are applied for through credit application.

Option 1: Great Savings with Bulk Wash Options

The bulk Wash option offers wash tickets that you can utilize anytime you like. It is the preferred choice for those who have several vehicles that require regular washing or a case-by-case basis.

Option 2 Option #2: Customization

This option is available to owners who would like to be flexible and have adequate tracking of the products and services to be utilized. Owners who are authorized will be charged one time per month.

Autobell Car Wash Price List for Unlimited Plan and Business Accounts


The business and unlimited accounts come with strengths and flaws. Both bills are paid for with one monthly cost; however, the business plan account lets you wash multiple vehicles.


Autobell Car Wash Hours, Locations & Contact


Find the top car washes at an Autobell branch near your home. Locate a component by using this website or check out the table below to find the hours of operation and phone numbers and services available in certain branches. It is also possible to search using Google by entering “Autobell Near me”.


 If you have any questions, concerns and support for customers, Contact Autobell customer service at 1-800-582-8096. You can also mail your inquiry via 1521 E. 3rd Street, Charlotte, NC 28204. You can also stop by any Autobell establishment and ask for assistance from the staff.

Final Thoughts

Autobell recognizes that offering alternatives for its workers and customers is the best option for a company, and it is highly recommended for its employment and services. Compared to rivals, the number of places to choose from is limited.

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