The best gaming PCs in 2022

The most powerful gaming PCs offer the ability to take on the most stunning challenging games in the most powerful and most stunning way possible. Additionally, they come with some of the largest costing prices on the PC market.

It’s a huge investment it’s true, but we guarantee it will pay off in many ways. Sure, battling through hundreds of enemies at lightning-fast frames and high resolutions is enjoyable but you could make use of your gaming equipment to design graphics and animation, or stream your TV or movies in stunning 4K.

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best gaming PCs

With the new consoles having been released, we must note that even though their PS5 or Xbox Series X delivers plenty of power, they’re far from the top gaming desktops. 

If you’re looking for speedy loading SSDs stunning Ray Tracing, massive amounts of RAM with 4K resolution, and 60+ frames per second frame rates You don’t need to wait for the consoles to be back in stock and you can own the most powerful gaming desktops today.

Additionally unlike consoles, unlike consoles, you can upgrade your PCs when better hardware become available. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of having dirty. Modern PCs are more streamlined than ever before, and the investment you make will pay off in incredible performance when playing the top PC games available.

We test the latest gaming PCs frequently to determine whether they meet the requirements of this list. We also update this page as new systems are released. Check out the article and we’ll assist you to discover your next top gaming machine.

What are the top gaming PCs available right now?

Up until recently, the defunct Alienware Aurora R11 was one of our top gaming desktops available. It’s been replaced with Aurora R12 and soon the Alienware Aurora 2021, which is believed to be the exact base system, but with a larger cooler and more modernized case as well as some improvements under the hood. 

It’s certainly a worthwhile successor of the R11 and is an excellent purchase if you’re in the need of the ultimate gaming PC, however, it’s unlikely to launch before the close of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. So, we’re not officially reviewing it until we’ve got the unit in for review.

In the current shortage of chips, gaming PCs are hard to come by and back-ordered to a certain extent, whatever you can locate at a reasonable cost is the top gaming PC that you can get at the moment.

If it’s in stock the Corsair Vengeance I7200 is among the top gaming PCs that you can purchase today, featuring high-end components and highly customizable options. Additionally, the RGB illumination is a great feature, and it’s priced reasonably given the amount of performance that you can expect.

However, on the other hand, it’s the Corsair One Pro I200 an excellent option for those looking for an all-in-one gaming machine that can be used for gaming and graphic design. 

It also comes with The MSI MEG Trident X, with a stunning appearance and is compact enough to fit in almost every gaming setup.

If you’re looking for something that’s pre-built that appears to belong inside offices (i.e. there are no flashing lights or sounds and bells) however, it has enough power to run the most popular games, you should consider the elegant Dell XPS 8940.

The most powerful gaming PCs that you can purchase

 Corsair Vengeance i7200

The best gaming PC for personalization

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processor up to the Intel Core i9-10850Kor AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
  • RAM up to 64 GB
  • Graphics Card up to Nvidia GeForce 3000 RTX
  • Storage up to 2TB SSDs
  • Accessories Other: None
The reasons to buy

Gaming-oriented hardware that is powerful and fast and customizable lighting effects. cost

There are reasons to avoid

-Boxy, old-fashioned case design-Doesn’t include peripherals

It’s a good deal. Corsair Vengeance i7200 won’t cost more than the other competitors however, it gives users access to the most powerful hardware available on the market. It’s since the Vengeance i7200 is housed in simple, plain cases and it doesn’t come with any accessories. 

If you’re more interested in substance to style then this could be the ideal gaming computer for your needs. With CPUs as high as an Intel Core i9-10850K as well as GPUs that can go up to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 3090 and an impressive machine as long as you are able to afford it.

In addition, it also features Vengeance i7200 features stunning RGB illumination, as well as a stylish glass side panel, and quiet fans. It’s a fantastic product for work, but also an excellent gaming powerful machine. If your game is with QHD or in 4K there’s probably a Vengeance i7200 that will fit into your gaming setup.

 Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10

The best AMD gaming PC

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processor up to AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • RAM Up to 128 GB
  • Graphics Card AMD Radeon 6800 XT
  • Storage: Up to 2TB SSD plus 2 TB HDD
  • Accessories Dell Multi-Media Keyboard, Dell Optical Mouse MS116AW
Motives to purchase

+Good AMD componentsst+Reasonable price+Solid gaming performance

There are reasons to stay away from

-Very loud-Inconvenient design

If you’re looking for a robust built gaming PC but wish to stay away from Intel as well as Nvidia components such as this Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 is the best choice. The gaming PC is huge and heavy, but this is because it is packed with top-of-the-line AMD GPUs and CPUs. 

It’s a powerful gaming device that can be used to play gaming in full HD, QHD, or even 4K gaming but it’s not nearly as costly as the systems that come with it.

Although, Alienware computers tend to sound like jet engines as this model Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 is the same. In addition, the built-in software is known to make things more confusing rather than improve the gaming experience. 

However, when it comes down to high-quality gaming that utilizes AMD components the Aurora Ryzen Edition R10 is one of the most complete systems available today.

Best gaming PC design

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processing: up to Intel Core i9-10900K 3.7-5.3 5GHz
  • RAM up to 64 GB
  • Graphics Card up to Nvidia GeForce TX 2080
  • Storage Up to 1TB SSD plus 1 TB HDD
  • Accessories MSI Clutch GM11 Mouse MSI Vigor Keyboard GK30
The reasons to buy

+Powerful performance+Quiet cooling+Smart, compact design

The reasons to stay clear of

It is expensive, costing as much as $3000+. Subpar peripherals to other models on this list.

One of the first things you’ll see about MSI MEG Trident X is it’s gorgeous. This compact, angular device is a perfect fit in every gaming area and is perfect for desktop or living room setups. 

The other thing you’ll notice is that it plays games flawlessly, regardless of whether you’d like to play the games in high definition, QHD, and UHD settings. With a range of processors, GPU, and RAM options available it is possible to personalize a system that is perfect for your games as well as your monitor.

Be aware that regardless of how you make for the MEG Trident X, it’s going to be costly. Additionally, the peripherals that it comes with such as instance, the MSI Clutch GM11 Mouse and MSI Vigor GK30 Keyboard -are average in the best case, but unsatisfactory at the worst. In terms of both design and performance, the MEG Trident X is one of the most stunning and efficient gaming PCs available in the present.

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The best gaming PC/PC hybrid

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processor Intel Core i9-10940X
  • RAM 64 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce RX 2080 Ti
  • Storage: 2TB SSD
  • Accessories Other: None
The reasons to buy

+Gorgeous, compact design+Powerful hardware+Runs quietly

The reasons to stay clear of

Priced at around $4k, which makes it a ridiculously expensive GPU.

Its Corsair One Pro I200 desktop is certainly one of the top gaming desktops to use if you require an option for play and work. It’s a powerful machine that comes with an Intel Core I9-10940X CPU as well as Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti GPU. 

It’s not the most modern equipment, but it’s plenty capable of running the most recent games on high settings running through an enormous amount of video or graphic design projects.

The main selling point in The main selling point of the Corsair One Pro i200 however, could be its chassis. The computer is the same size and weight as the pre-built gaming desktops are, measuring just 15x8x 7 inches.

It weighs 23lbs. In addition, the machine is beautiful, with an attractive gunmetal-colored scheme and two LED programmable lights. There are additional USB ports than the one this device can provide for serious creative work If you’re able to manage it, the One Pro i200, it’ll perform well professionally as well as for pleasure.

 HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop

Quietest gaming PC

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processor up to 10th Generation Intel Core i9-10900K
  • Graphics Up To Nvidia GeForce RX3090
  • RAM up to 64 GB
  • Storage: Up to 2TB SSD and 2TB HDD
  • Accessory: HP USB Wireless Keyboard and HP USB HP USB Wired Mouse
The reasons to buy

+Powerful components+Excellent performance+Runs quietly+Striking design

There are reasons to avoid

-Expensive, confusing configurations-Needless software and accessories

Its HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop offers a distinct advantage over its rivals that is it is quiet. It is powered by the sound of a soft whirr and it also has background white noise when playing demanding games. 

Compare and contrast with the sound of jet engines on other contemporary gaming equipment and Omen 30L Omen 30L has a lot to offer in the context of a typical productive machine.

Its HP Omen 30L also runs games flawlessly due to its robust hardware and quiet cooling. It’s pricey, however, and comes with many extra tools and programs. But the HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop is stunning it is a stylish smooth, quiet as well as strong gaming PC.

The top low-key gaming PC

  • VR-Ready Yes (if it is configured correctly)
  • Processor up to 10th Generation Intel Core i9-10900K
  • RAM up to 128 GB
  • Graphics Card up to Nvidia GeForce 3000 RTX
  • Storage Up to 2TB SSD and 2TB HDD
  • Accessories Included: None
The reasons to buy

A small, quiet design, with lots of ports and good performance.

The reasons to stay clear of

-No extremely powerful configurations-Limited storage options

The Dell XPS8940 may not appear like it’s a gaming PC however, it’s got what it matters. The nimble Dell PC is small, simple, quiet, and affordable and comes with the components you’ll need to play the most recent games at a consistent pace.

This isn’t the type of computer you’ll purchase because it allows you to turn every graphic setting to the maximum. It’s the kind of machine that looks right at home in the most stylish office, yet still has enough power to play your favorite games for hours. 

This Dell XPS 8940 is the ideal perfect balance between play and work If you’re looking for an inexpensive gaming PC but don’t want all the fancy gadgets or bells then it could be the right choice for you.

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop 5090

The best gaming PC for novice gamers

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processor Up to 9th Gen Intel Core i7 9700
  • RAM Up to 64GB
  • Graphics Card up to Nvidia RTX 2080
  • Storage: Up to 1TB SSD plus 2TB hard drive
  • Additional Accessories Dell optical mouse, as well as Multimedia keyboard
The reasons to buy

+Good productivity and gaming performance+Reasonably priced+Great chassis

The reasons to stay clear of

The software that comes preinstalled can be an issue- Not ideal for UHD/QHD gaming

It’s among the top gaming PCs for gamers who require a sturdy entry-level machine that’s easily upgraded. The desktop is priced reasonably and comes with a basic Core i3 processor as well as an Nvidia GTX 1650 card, however, it is able to be equipped with as much as a Core i7 processor as well as an RTX 2080 GPU to allow for greater performance gaming.

A G5’s main selling feature is its stylish and foolproof chassis. It is very simple to remove in case you need to swap out parts as you go. Dell’s desktop has proven to be reliable when playing AAA games with 1080p resolution as well as 60 frames/second. We also like the fact that it is with no bloatware. Overall, if you’re in need of an affordable and reliable desktop that you can build more powerful with time and time, the Dell G5 5090 is an excellent option.

A solidly built gaming PC that’s expensive and strong

  • VR Ready Yes
  • Processor Maximum: Intel I9-10900K, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
  • RAM Up to 64GB
  • Graphics Card up to Nvidia the RTX3090, or Radeon RX 6800XT
  • Storage up to 4TB NVMe, 8TB SSD and 16TB HDD
  • Accessories Other: None
Motives to purchase

Powerful hardware options + Excellent build quality, super-quiet cooling

The reasons to stay clear of

A bit expensive for what you get. mouse or keyboard

Origin PC Millennium Origin PC Millennium is a gorgeous system with top hardware and construction quality. It’s quite expensive however you will get what you spend for.

At around $2300 you’ll purchase the Ryzen 5 5600X and it comes with a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti and 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM (3200Mhz) as well as a 120mm all-in-1 CPU cooler and an OS drive with 240GB. 

This is a bit costly for what’s essentially a mid-range configuration of a system, and you’ll need to bring the necessary peripherals, as Origin does not include a keyboard or mouse however, what you’ll receive is a stunning built, well-constructed gaming PC. As the graphics card are difficult to find and are expensive to build, the pre-built gaming PC such as this is one of the best methods to get your hands with a premium GPU.

How do you choose the right gaming computer for your needs

Pricing: If affordability is your main concern, good gaming PCs cost from $700 to $1000. At that price, you’ll get specifications such as Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors, Nvidia 1660 and 1660 Ti GPUs, and 8GB to 16GB memory.

Performance Think about the kind that gaming experience you’re after. Game streaming services such as Google Stadia can offer decent performance, but if it’s high-quality 1080p/60fps gaming you’re looking for to experience, a system that has a solid Core i5 processor as well as GeForce 2060, or AMD Radeon RX 5600 GPU will help you get there. GPUs like the Radeon RX 5700 or GeForce 2080 are in the middle ground for reliable 1440p gaming. Are you planning to go 4K? It’s best to get hardware like the RTX 3080 or AMD RX 6800.

Upgradeability The components of gaming PCs are continuously developing, and the top gaming PCs are easily upgraded by adding new components as time passes. The likes of the Alienware Aurora and Dell G5 are easy to open and play around with even for those who aren’t technologically adept. Smaller machines, like Corsair One, can be more difficult to open. Therefore, if you’re planning to upgrade your investment over time be aware of this.

VR-Readiness: Want to game in VR? The requirements for headsets like HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift S or HTC Vive begin at Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 470 GPU and with an Intel Core i3 or Ryzen 3 processor 8GB of RAM, as well as the DisplayPort 1.2 (or mini) DisplayPort. Be sure that your headset has these requirements prior to paying to purchase one.

What are the top gaming PCs?

To identify the top gaming computer, we put each model we test through a standard set of benchmark tests and real-world scenarios to see the performance of each model in both its capacity as a gaming machine as well as an ordinary computer.

For hard numbers, as far as they are concerned, we’re currently running the framerate-based benchmarks used for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Far Cry: New Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Grand Theft Auto V at 1920 x 1080, with graphics at their maximum as well as with 2560×1440 or 4K when a system supports it. In addition, we play many graphically intensive games to provide you with a feeling of the way these gaming desktops are performing anecdotally.

For test-based synthetic testing, we use several benchmarks, which comprise 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra (for graphics) and Geekbench 4 and 5 (for processing performance). We also test our SteamVR Performance Test on all of our computers to determine their readiness in the virtual world. To test the system’s HDD, we determine the speed with which computers are able to transfer 4.97GB worth of files from multimedia.

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