Chilis 2 for 20 Menu.

The 2 for 20 Dinner for Two menu at Chili’s is an amazing deal. The menu has been recently revised, and it’s 2 items for just 22 dollars. Still , not terrible. The popular meal deal gives you one appetizer (choose from five) and 2 full meals at just $22.

In essence, two adults could dine out at Chilis and come back fully satisfied for only $22.

But, be aware that the price of $22 does not include tax and drinks.

Chili’s has recently revamped their menu of 2 for $22 for 2016, and they’ve included Onion Rings as an eligible starter , as well as the Half rack of Ribs to the menu of entrees. The classic sirloin steak at 6 oz is also available. You could upgrade to a 10 sirloin steak at the additional price of $4.

The way the menu at Chili’s 2 For 22 functions:

You may choose one of the appetizers listed below to share between two people. Add two of the larger dishes below to create an entire dinner for two for $22. The drinks are not included.

The new Chili’s 2-for-$22 menu.

2-for-$22 Appetizers

Select one of the dishes below to share with your friends:

  • Spiced Panko Onion Rings
  • Fresh Guacamole
  • Salads for Two
  • Texas Cheese Fries – Half
  • Chips and Salsa.

Choose an entree:

  • Classic Bacon Burger
  • Fajitas
  • Southwest Quesadillas – Bacon Ranch Chicken
  • Half Rack Ribs
  • Margarita Grilled Chicken
  • Crispy Chicken Crispy Chicken
  • Original Chicken Crispers
  • Crispy Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers
  • Cajun Chicken Pasta
  • Mango-Chile Chicken
  • Mango-Chile Tilapia
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Classic Sirloin 6 oz (upgrade to 10 oz for additional $4)

Request”2 for $22 Special” “2 for $22 Special”.

Find out more about the two options on the menu of Chili’s at this Chili’s website.

Chilis 2 for $20 Menu

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