Cineplex Ticket Prices (2022 Update) – Find Out How Much Vue Cineplex Tickets Cost?

In Canada, the plans to see the latest movies will most likely require a visit to Cineplex. Since it is the largest chain of cinemas in Canada Cineplex is the preferred destination for those who wish to see a movie.

Do you want to learn more about Cineplex better? There’s a lot you can learn about this chain, including its history and size which means you’re in for an adventure.

Cineplex tickets costs


Cineplex Ticket Prices 2022 (CA) | Find Out How Much Vue Cineplex Tickets Cost?

Cineplex  Regular Ticket Prices



Adult – Regular


Child (3-13) – Regular


Senior (65+) – Regular


Cineplex VIP 19+ Ticket Prices

Adult – VIP 19+


Cineplex UltraAVX Ticket Prices

Adult – UltraAVX


Child (3-13) – UltraAVX


Senior (65+) – UltraAVX


Cineplexv UltraAVX 3D Ticket Prices

Adult – UltraAVX 3D


Child (3-13) – UltraAVX 3D


Senior (65+) – UltraAVX 3D


Cineplex IMAX 3D Ticket Prices

Adult – IMAX 3D


Child (3-13) – IMAX 3D


Senior (65+) – IMAX 3D


Cineplex 4DX Ticket Prices

Adult – 4DX


Child (3-13) – 4DX


Senior (65+) – 4DX


Cineplex Quick Histories


Cineplex has its roots going in 1912 when its predecessor company, The Famous Players Film Company which would later be known in the form of Paramount Pictures, started out. Although the company actually began operations from Canada at the time of 1920, the business is keen to include this little detail in its history.

In any event, Cineplex really only started in 1916, after Nathan Nathanson established the Paramount Theatre chain. The theater was later purchased from the Famous Players Film Company in 1920. Nathanson kept control of the company, but he was its first President. Famous Player Canadian Corporation. A few years after, the company acquired their competition The Allan Theatres which helped them expand exponentially.

Cineplex was founded in 1979, founded in 1979 by Nat Taylor and Garth Drabinsky. It is a distinct entity from it is not part of the Famous Players Canadian Corporation but because Taylor owned multiple cinemas in the chain, and developed a number of strategies that allowed the industry to expand throughout the years The closeness to Cineplex to the chain’s history is evident. 

A notable feature of Cineplex is that its initial site was in Toronto Eaton Centre is a Guinness World Record holder for hosting the largest screen of cinema in one complex at that time. The first opening was in the year 18 screens and three additional screens were added later.

The year 1999 was the time that Galaxy Entertainment was founded to expand into areas typically provided by small independent cinema operators using old equipment. They’ll merge later along with Cineplex following a couple of shifts of ownership. Together, they’ll purchase Famous Players as well as many of AMC Theaters’ Canadian locations while they move out of the region and focus on their US operations in the United States.

Presently, Cineplex Entertainment operates with various divisions and subsidiaries, offering various portfolios.

Cineplex Special Offers


As the largest chain of cinemas in Canada cinemagoers can anticipate many exciting deals from Cineplex. They definitely have the capacity to provide various types of cinema experiences to their customers which makes them an ideal option for movie lovers of all age groups.

Apart from the classic 2D film size, Cineplex also screens several premium formats. These formats account for around 40 percent of their box office profits over the last few years.

To provide a superior movie experience, they provide UltraAVX, ScreenX, IMAX RealD-3D, D-BOX, and 4DX. UltraAVX and ScreenX let users enjoy their movies on larger screens. UltraAVX might only have wall-to-wall screens, but they provide 4K video. ScreenX On the contrary, uses 360o panoramic screens that place viewers directly in the movie they’re watching. ScreenX also has about 30 IMAX screens with five of them having 70mm film playback.

To provide a more immersive watching experience, they offer the RealD-3D, DBOX along 4DX formats. D-Box lets patrons experience the movie through the movements their seats make, while 4DX has a range of realistic effects that make moviegoers feel actually part of the film.

If you are looking for a classic cinema experience, but in a more luxurious style, they have Prime Seats and VIP. The VIP experience lets customers enjoy top-of-the-line facilities such as tables and recliners and VIP Lounges with an authorized bar, and meals in-seat. Prime Seats will give patrons the best seats available.

Many Cineplex sites offer more than traditional cinemas. They also offer arcades and many are now called Xscape Entertainment Centre. The addition of this feature means that customers can do when they go to the movies, which makes their visit more enjoyable.

The latest innovation coming up Cineplex has on their sleeves is CineClub. It’s a monthly subscription service that provides users with many benefits like a free film every month, discounted ticket costs, and 20% off concessions. It’s a good way for moviegoers to visit cinemas as regulations shift according to the changing times.

Cineplex Prices


In light of the above, one might conclude that Cineplex ticket prices are expensive. But, this isn’t the scenario. There is a wide price range as they have plenty of deals that are available. There are a variety of ways to save money so a trip to Cineplex does not have to be an expensive price.

To locate a Cineplex near you go to the site on their official web page.

Cineplex YouTube


Cineplex Locations

Cineplex Balmoral

Address: 168 Oxford Street, Bulimba

Phone: 3395 6086

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Cineplex Balmoral was originally built as an outdoor cinema in the 2000s in the beginning. In the following years, Cineplex has transformed the location from an open-air screen to six state-of-the modern movie theaters.

The original theater has been preserved and now is renamed Cinema 1. The difference is that Cinema 2 and 4 are the biggest screens that you can view and have the most immersive audio quality too.

However, Cinema 1 is still the biggest capacity theater with seating for 435 guests. The smallest theatre is Cinema 5, which can be able to accommodate 125 guests using seats in the stadium.

The three cinemas (2 3 and six) all have screens with curved edges on which the films can be viewed.

Cineplex Redbank

URL: Redbank Plaza, Level 3 Shop 4300 1, Collingwood Drive, Redbank

Phone: 3128 0355

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Cineplex Redbank is home to the largest number of screens of all Cineplex’s locations. There are eight screens available for visitors to sit down to relax, unwind, and enjoy an upcoming film.

Cinema 5 can be described as the smallest, with 70 seats, whereas Cinema 1 is more than four times the capacity and is capable of accommodating 304 people.

Alongside Victoria Point, Redbank is in a position to provide Premiumcinema sessions for a minimal price of $12.50 to everyone.

Cineplex Hawthorne

Address: 261 Hawthorne Road, Hawthorne

Phone: 3899 3450

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The first cinema was built in the 1940s The Cineplex’s venue in Hawthorne is one of the oldest theaters located in Brisbane. As the popularity has increased, two additional screens were constructed to complete the.

Cinema 1 is quite well-known because it’s the biggest screen in a cinema (non-IMAX) situated in Brisbane with a height of 17.1 meters. It can also accommodate up to 480 people at a time.

Cinema 2, as well as 3, is smaller than Cinema 2 and this makes it more intimate. Cinema 3 is very cozy with a capacity of 89.

Cineplex Hawthorne offers all patrons $14.00 for movies during their Premiumscreenings.

Cineplex South Bank

Address Address: Address: Grey Street, South Bank

Phone: 3846 5188

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Cineplex is back with a new addition, with their cinemas located in South Bank holding the title of the biggest screens in Brisbane. It’s an IMAX-certified screen, but it’s not official. Cinema 5 holds the record in terms of screen size, which is 25m in height, and the capacity to accommodate 475 people.

If you don’t want this kind of screen, don’t worry. There are four screens you can choose from that have lower capacities, that range from 230 to 117.

Cineplex South Bank was forced to shut down in the early part of 2003. It reopened in the following months after some issues were solved.

Cineplex Victoria Point

Address Address: 27, Bunker Road Victoria Point

Phone: 3829 7900

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Cineplex Victoria Point is one of the company’s most recent locations in Brisbane. Cineplex did not take the cinema over from any other company, and no it constructed the whole structure completely from the ground up. It is a theatre that has the best options to make your film more enjoyable.

Similar to Hawthorne, Victoria Point offers Premiumsessions that allow guests to enjoy drinks in lounges that are exclusive to guests.

The great thing about the new site is that the prices are pretty much identical!

Cineplex Nerang

Address 52 Price Street, Nerang

Phone: 5502 0222 (option 3)

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