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Costco photo prices: Costco Photo can be described as a tiny department located inside the Costco chains of shops. Costco is a renowned Chain Store in both the US and the UK, and at every Costco Store, you can find the Costco photo section, where you can get your photos, passports, passports, and even a photo card printed by experts.

Costco Photo provides a few of the services its customers include passport photographs and calendars, calendars magazine, photo books, and other printed items. If you’re searching for the Costco Passport photo, all you have to do is go to your local Costco store to find the photo department, and you will get your passport photo taken in just a couple of minutes.

If you’re trying to know how to use Costco photo services, you’ve found the right website where you can find helpful information on Costco Photo pricing as well as the benefits they can offer.

What is Costco Photo Center? Costco Photo Center?


You’ve probably heard of Costco for its large-sized varieties of ketchup as well as discounts on electronics. However, the warehouse store also hosts an untapped department Costco Photo Center. Costco Photo Center.

Its Photo Center is available for free when you sign up for a Costco membership and help members save money on their bucks. The center is known for its low cost; Costco Photo Center has some excellent bargains.

Through this service, you can purchase photographs, prints on canvas, books of photos, greeting cards, photo gifts, and metal prints, as well as photo mugs, wall décor, and many more. We’ve broken down what you can find in the photo department and how you can use the services it offers.


latest Costco Photo Prices 2022. Let’s check it out…




Prints – SIZE & PRICE

4×6 Prints


5×5 Prints


5×7 & Wallet


Enlargements – SIZE & PRICE















NOTE: Costco Photo Prices 2022 may vary by location and are updated frequently

Which Costco Photo Offers


Costco Photo Center Costco Photo Center is an online resource as well as in the local Costco. As with every Costco product it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the quality of your photos You can get the full amount back. Costco members can take advantage of the printing service , such as:

  • Upload photos online at and store them in a secure environment
  • Prints can be ordered for pickup at Costco
  • Edit or enhance photographs. Edit, enhance, and organize
  • Make calendars, mugs, photos cards, and much more

Costco Photo Center also lets customers to purchase photo books, prints as well as other items to pick up at the local Costco or for home delivery.

Some stores also offer pickup on the same day. In addition, the department offers a variety of services, including passport pictures and printing for business. Here’s what you can do with Costco Photo:

Photo Prints


In today’s digital age, prints are an excellent method to keep a record of fleeting moments. Costco photo center sells prints of a variety of sizes, and they also offer collage prints, poster prints, and larger prints.

Prints can be purchased at the local Costco or opt for home delivery to arrive within 5-7 working days. Standard shipping is complimentary for images of 8×12 and more minor.

Here’s the price for Costco printing up to 99 dollars per order. You can also save more when you order quantities of 100 and higher.

  • 4 6 $0.17/ea (warehouse collection. $0.09 for post order).
  • 5×5: $0.39/ea
  • 5×7 as well as wallet printing: $0.59/ea
  • 8 10 x 8, 8 x 12, 8 x 8. Extend: $1.79/ea
  • 11 14 x 12 12, 12 x 12. Enlargement 12×18 $3.99/ea
  • A 16 by 20 inch enlargement $6.99/ea
  • 20×30 enlargement: $99/ea

4×6 photographs are listed at $0.17 on Costco’s website; however, when you click “mail order,” it will automatically lower the cost to $.09 at the time of final payment.

Photo Books


Make your table look more inviting by putting together your coffee table with an enjoyable photo book–the ultimate scrapbook that doesn’t require glue or tape required! The books can be made 30-100 pages, with various themes.

You can then add your captions and images to the various professional layouts. These are the layouts available:

  • 12-x-12 Premium Layflat Starting at $39.99
  • Lets your photo book lie flat so that the photos can cross-fold in the middle.
  • Printing onto Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album HD Paper
  • The front cover is laminated.
  • 11-1/4 x 8-3/4 Hardcover, starting at $19.99
  • It includes a glossy, full-page color hardcover
  • 8×8 Softcover (pack comprised of two) priced at $19.99
  • Printing on archival gloss paper
  • It covers a soft matte laminated cover

One thing to think about when it comes to photos is the dimensions. You might not have thought about this at first, but we did. Two inches makes an enormous distinction when it comes to photo books.

Acrylic Prints


Prints of acrylic are eye-catching and can be used to decorate your home using museum acrylic. Sizes vary from 11×14 to 30×40 on a 22” high acrylic panel. Image quality is consistent across the board from edge to edge using UV-resistant ink.

It is with a hanging hook. Print a family picture, choose artwork, or create collages! There is also Costco’s gallery of artwork for utilization, which ranges from vintage images to nature, and much many more. Prices start from $43.99 for an 11x 14-inch canvas.

Cards for Greetings


Create customized custom greeting cards for any occasion using Costco photos. Find card designs to personalize them with your text and images. Utilize the service to design baby cards for your baby, wedding stationery as well as birthday invitations.

Every illustration is printed onto top-quality card stock and quality paper. Premium stationery with double-sided printing is priced at $17.25 to buy 25. Photo greeting cards with a gloss finish and foil-lined envelopes begin from $13.99 to buy 50. 



Costco boasts that its photo-themed gift cards are up to 30% less than its leading rival. The options include photo mugs, photos, photo plaques, calendars, posters boards, as well as photo throws.

Business Printing


If you run your own company If you own a business, the Costco photo lab offers many business-related services. Log in using the same account you use for your photo account and then shop for business cards, banners, signs, brochures, flyers, postcards, envelopes, letterheads, and envelopes.

Business cards are priced competitively–500 cards begin at $21.99 Two posters begin at $17.49, For instance. Like other photo items sold to businesses, these items will be delivered within 5-7 business days to the local Costco or your home address.

Canvas Prints


As with like Acrylic Prints Like acrylic prints, Canvas Prints can create stunning home decor by transforming photos into artwork. Canvas prints are available in sizes from 12x 16 to 40 60 inches.

Create a multi-panel canvas using divided canvas patterns. They are all printed on high-quality canvas and are ready to hang.

You can also buy frames for 30 percent less than the top rival. Canvas prints begin at $28.99, and multi-panel canvas prints start at $99.99.

Metal Prints


Create your perfect “shelfie” by using metal prints. Sizes range from 11x 14 to 24 36. Images are infused onto the size of a 3/64” aluminum panel with rounded edges. UV-resistant ink has a glossy coating, and the designs are suitable for hanging. An 11×14 size starts at $39.99.

Costco Locations


For additional information visit their Official Website.

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