Dutch Bros Secret Menu.

They are among the most sought-after menu items on the secret menu on the menu at Dutch Bros Coffee. Similar to its Big Brother, Starbucks, Dutch Bros Coffee has a secretmenu that is hidden, that offers a wide variety of drink options which are not in the main Dutch Bros menu.

Simply make sure to mention that the title of your hidden menu item that you’re looking for to your server and they is likely to know what you’re talking about.

It’s the Top Dutch Bros Secret Menu Items.

Secret Coffee Drinks.

the White Russian.
What is it? White chocolate with a kicker.

The Cookie
What exactly is Annihilator? made of white chocolate.

The White Zombie
What is it: Vanilla and white chocolate.

Snickers! Snickers
What is it It’s: Espresso, chocolate milk 1/2 caramel 1/2 hazelnut.

The Ninja Turtle
What exactly is it? Caramel and creme de-menthe mocha. It is available as a frost, and it will appear green.

Bob Marley The Bob Marley

What exactly is Cocomo featuring banana flavouring. Coconut, chocolate , and bananas in coffee.

Pocahontas and the Pocahontas

What is it: Mocha with white chocolate and caramel.

Red Velvet White Chocolate Blended Mocha

What is it: Mocha with white chocolate sauce with chocolate milk, the red velvet syrup.

The Cure

What exactly is it: Espresso with chocolate milk and cinnamon.

Crazy Hawaiian

What exactly is it What it is: Caramelizer made of macadamia nuts.
S’mores Breve Latte

What is it: Dark chocolate and white chocolate chocolate macadamia , and cinnamon syrup made of brown sugar.

It is the German Chocolate Mocha

What exactly is mocha? It is a drink made with coconut and caramel.

Dirty Macchiato

What is it: The English Toffee as well as Espresso.

Cane Candy Cane

What is it It’s called: The peppermint scent and Mocha.

Frosts: Frosts:

It is the Molten Lava Frost

This cinnamon cup with dark chocolate frosting.

The Cake Batter Frost

What is it: Almond Rocha and White Chocolate.

The Creamsicle Frost

What exactly is that What it is: Vanilla and orange.

The Cinnabon Frost

What exactly is that? Brown sugar cinnamon, caramel , and white chocolate.

The Captain Crunch Frost

What exactly is that? Strawberry as well as hazelnut.

It’s the Toasted Mellow Frost

What exactly is it? The marshmallows are roasted, and the infusion is chocolate macadamia nuts and vanilla.

The Birthday Cake Frost

What is it: Whipped Almond roca, vanilla ice cream, and white chocolate that has been frozen and decorated with confetti.

This is the Bubble Gum Frost

What is it: It is made by mixing vanilla strawberries, bananas, and strawberry the ice cream.

French Toast Frost French Toast Frost

What exactly is this? The cup is made of chocolate along with cinnamon, sugar and a little espresso.

Blue Rebels: Blue Rebels:

Unicorn Blood Rebel Unicorn Blood Rebel

What is it: Rebel energy drink with almond and strawberry with a taste of white chocolate sprinkles.

Laser Cat Rebel Laser Cat Rebel

What is it: Mix of coconut and raspberries.

Ocean Water Rebel Ocean Water Rebel

What exactly is blue raspberries, coconut, and lime.

The James Dean Rebel James Dean Rebel

What is it: Peach, strawberry, coconut.

Starburst Rebel Starburst Rebel

What exactly is it? Strawberry white chocolate, strawberry, with almond flavors.

Pixie Stick Rebel Pixie Stick Rebel

What is it What it is: orange, pomegranate almond.

It’s the Dinosaur Egg Rebel

What is it: Blue raspberries , infused with the rebel energy drink , and garnished with almonds white chocolate sauce, and strawberry.

It is the Gummy Bear Rebel

What is it: An infusion of lime and kiwis into the usual energy drink.

Other Drinks that are Popular Hidden Drinks.

Why bother?

Nonfat and Decaf.

Dirty Girl

What is it: Iced white chocolate Chai

Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea

What is it: Organic green tea or Paris black tea that is infused with lime, strawberry as well as passionfruit.

Shirley Temple, Soda

What exactly is it What is it? : Almond and cherry soda

Clean Caterpillar

What exactly is it? Green fruit smoothie with caramel.

Whip Sticks

What it is: It’s not an actual drink, but the whipped cream with straw. A good way to laugh.

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