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Utilize the map to locate excellent restaurants near me right today! Find restaurants on your laptop or your phone.

Are you in search of local, good restaurants which are currently open? Look at the map below, or take an look at the list below of Restaurant Finder applications. You’ll find a fantastic restaurant in no time!

We can’t guarantee they aren’t the top restaurants in your neighborhood (taste plays a role here) However, If you take the time to read the reviews, you’ll get an idea of whether these are good places to eat. They usually are, when they are rated with more than four stars. Click on the location on the map and you will see the average rating of customers and telephone numbers, addresses, along with opening and closing hours. Be aware that a restaurant is not rated by more than 10 customers, and keep a positive rating, as some owners of restaurants have been accused of “fake” reviewers.

Alternately, go to and and type in the restaurant to read more extensive reviews. If the restaurant has a high rating on all sites and you are an opportunity to win. Take it!

Utilize the Map Use the Map to Find restaurants near me.

Five Top Apps to Find Places for Food.

If the map results shown above don’t suit your tastes (or maybe the GPS on your smartphone is disabled and does not function for you) The best bet is to install one or more of the apps listed below. We’ve picked the top five for you to download. They’re all completely free and easy to use.

The 5 Best Restaurant Locator Apps.

Yelp Restaurant App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS)

Alongside the mobile version of its website, Yelp has mobile apps that work on every platform and all utilize your phone’s built-in GPS to determine the best restaurants are in your vicinity. You can sort them by the hours of operation, the type of food, and estimated cost. There are many reviews of almost every restaurant however there are some that aren’t trustworthy.

OpenTable App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7/WebOS)

Reservations are still the primary business, however, the people behind the app has also joined forces with Yelp to share ratings and make reservations. The app lets you find nearby restaurants as well as earn points and rewards when you make reservations using the app, and read useful reviews written by OpenTable users.

Urbanspoon App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry)

Urbanspoon’s app lets users post and compare your reviews with your friends, locate nearby restaurants, as well as everything else apps for restaurant search offer. The app is now available Urbanspoon incorporates reviews from food and newspaper blogs. This gives credibility and authority to reviews that other sites do not offer.

Foodspotting App (iOS/Android/BlackBerry/WP7)

Foodspotting allows you to find and share food items you love and not only eateries. When you sign up for Foodspotting it is possible to take photographs of the food or drinks you enjoy upload it, post it online, and make a comment and let the community know where you are. If you’re using the mobile app, you’ll be presented with pictures of the food nearby, not just an inventory of restaurants within your neighborhood. The community is then able to follow your pictures and share them with the community.

Google Places Restaurant App (iOS/Android)

Its iPhone as well as Android apps draw on Google’s growing database of restaurant details and the information submitted by users to help locate restaurants, cafes and bars close to you at any moment. Click on a place to view reviews, photos and check the hours of operation. For Android this app can be found in Google Maps, and lets you access driving directions or contact direct to the eatery.

Top apps for drinks and dining Specials.

1. GrubHub App.

The company was founded in Chicago, GrubHub now has listings in over 600 cities including London. It’s based on home delivery. You enter your address, choose the kind of food you’d like and discover which restaurants will deliver it to you. You then place your order via phone or online while GrubHub monitors your order. GrubHub provides a listing of deals on a daily basis and coupons. It also lets you give online.

Free Downloads: iPhone/iPad Android

2. Happy Hours App.

The app can help you locate discounts on food and beverages and also allows you to view photos of the establishments and when happy hours are over. You can filter your choices according to features like free WiFi and live entertainment and much more.

Free Downloads: iPhone/iPad Android

3. The Groupon app.

The menu is packed with restaurant offers and coupons, just be sure to cash coupons before the closing date.

The free downloads are for the iPhone/iPad Android, Windows Phone 8

4. DailyGobble App.

If using DailyGobble you can find deals in the app, you can take the photo of your receipt and you’ll get the money back. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and San Francisco are among the cities covered, and DailyGobble allows you to sort deals for by cuisine or the price range of pre-discounts.

Free Downloads: iPhone/iPad Android

5. LocalEats App.

The app is priced at 99 cents. It connects you with the top food and dining websites, and assists you in making choices by price, and directing you to the best cheap dining options available that do not rely on the big chains. A feed on Twitter highlights specials and discounts.

Downloads: iPhone/iPad, Android

6. Urbanspoon app.

Perhaps the most exciting feature of Urbanspoon Shaking your phone can bring up an assortment of restaurants. Urbanspoon analyzes dining recommendations from over a million establishments and shows you tables are open, the cost range, and suggestions.

The free downloads are for the iPhone/iPad Android, Windows Phone 8

7. Seamless Application.

Seamless has been purchased by GrubHub However, it operates its own application. There is a discount of $10 the first time you place an purchase. There’s also a listing of Seamless promotions where customers can enter promo codes, or receive a free meals for the month when you refer your company workplace to Seamless.

The free downloads include iPhone/iPad Android, BlackBerry

Check out the menus.

Make use of the navigation list in the sidebar on the page or search to locate the menu page of your favorite restaurant. Be sure you check the comments section on every menu page, since current offers and menu changes are listed in the comment section.

Who are we, and what services do we have to offer?

  • Menus for restaurants online that are free to download.
  • Latest restaurant offers and specials.
  • News about the industry of fast-food.

In contrast to other menu sites, we’ve included the actual prices of the different restaurants we have listed to help you gain an understanding of the cost and range of menu items prior to visiting the restaurant. We focus on the menu prices for the most popular American Restaurant chains and fast food chains like Taco Bell, the Olive Garden, Pizza Hut, Chili’s, Subway, McDonald’s, Golden Corral, Wendy’s and Taco Bell. We do not offer prices for local eateries or specific outlets.

Also, be aware that the prices for menu items are an example, not a national average, if you choose to. Prices could vary from place depending on variations in labor costs and rent, as well as other overhead expenses in different regions of the United States. Prices typically do not vary by between 10 and 15 percent, but certain locations like Manhattan New York, Alaska and Hawaii might have more variances in prices. Restaurant chains which use franchise models allow franchisees to set prices on their own.

However, prices are typically accurate and are a good indication of the cost you’ll need to pay at the local restaurant.

Menu Coupons and Discounts.

We also have coupons, sometimes with codesfor diverse restaurants. If the offers for a specific chain change frequently, then we’ll create a dedicated page to show the current specials and offers for that particular company. In other cases, we will include the latest deals to the comments section on this menu.

Secret Menus.

Secret menus have become more popular. Secret menus are increasingly popular. Secret menus are not official and not advertised that are featured on menus of restaurants around the globe. Menu items from secret menus are passed from person to person via the use of word-of-mouth, and are often changed for promotion purposes. When a menu that is secret becomes extremely popular, we’ll include a page dedicated to it on the website. For instance the fast food chain Arby’s recently introduced a secret menu item known as”the Meat Mountain “sandwich”. The item on the menu had to be requested in advance. Another example is McDonald’s Monster Mac wich has eight beef patties instead of the usual two that are in the traditional Big Mac and Taco Bell customers can request Cheesarito (a thin tortilla stuffed with cheese , scallions and other ingredients) and an off-menu Superman Burrito that is the cheesy double-beef burrito that includes extra potatoes as well as tortilla strips, guacamole and tortillas.

Other Secret Menus that are Popular Items:

McDonald’s McDonald’s: the Land, Sea and Air Burger (a Big Mac stuffed with Filet-O-Fish and McChicken sandwich patties) and the Chicken McGriddle (a fried chicken patties in a syrup-flavored McGriddle bun).

Burger King: The Rodeo Burger (a cheeseburger topped with onion rings and BBQ sauce).

Starbucks Cotton Candy Frappuccino or Cake Batter Frappuccino (a standard Vanilla Frappuccino, but with an extra pump of almond and vanilla bean flavouring) Liquid Cocaine (four shots of Espresso and four pumps of white chocolate syrup).

A lot of the most popular Secret off-menu offerings are special offers from the past that weren’t popular enough to be included on the menu regularly.

Tips for Dining Out at a low cost.

Restaurants can be expensive and cost many dollars however, by examining the menu before you go it will prevent unpleasant surprise charges.

Here are some suggestions on how you can save money on your restaurant trips:

  • Sign up to birthday club. A lot of family-friendly restaurants offer discounts or free products to patrons celebrating birthdays in exchange for them to sign up for an email newsletter. Offers could vary from a complimentary dessert or a gift certificate for $30 to be used towards the purchase of your entire purchase.
  • Frequent diner cards. Certain restaurants provide frequent visitor punch cards. When you have eaten at a restaurant frequently enough to be a frequent guest, you could often get an all-you-can-eat dinner.
  • “Kids Eat for Free” on nights. A lot of family restaurants have the weekly “Kids Eat Free” night.”
  • Cash back. Make a payment for your meals using the cash rewards card, and you’ll be able to earn as much as 5% cashback.
  • Purchase discount gift cards at a discount. A lot of restaurants offer discounts on gift cards during the busy season for shopping, such as around Christmas. It is common to purchase gifts worth $50 at a cost of $40.
  • Find coupon coupons inside junk mail as well as newspapers.
  • Visit coupon websites, such as our coupon pages, which contain coupon codes that are printable for free. There are many places that offer a coupon or coupon code in the event that you sign up to an e-newsletter from the company on their website.
  • Go to the restaurant’s Facebook page for a restaurant’s. Certain chains promote freebies for “fans” and “followers” from their respective social media pages.
  • Save money on wine. Certain restaurants will let customers bring their own bottles of wine, and they’ll only charge the cost of having waiters serve the wine. Make sure to contact the restaurant before you go and inquire about the possibility.

This site is not affiliated with any establishment or restaurant or restaurant. It should never be taken as a legitimate website of any American dining establishment.

Bonne appetit!

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