Home Depot Memorial Day Sale $12.88 Charcoal

The wildly famous Memorial Day promotion was last running in the year 2019. The event was not scheduled for 2020 or 2021 , and is not yet confirmed for 2022. 

Typically, it starts on the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend. When we get more information, we will make changes to this page. Make sure to check frequently!

Home Depot Kingsford Charcoal Sale is usually repeated every Memorial Day, 4th of July as well as Labor Day. It is among the most well-known promotions offered by Home Depot. 

We have just heard that the offer HAS been activated and will be in effect until Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-26-27) 2019. As you may have noticed, the price is 3 dollars more than the previous year. 

The bags, however, are heavier, going between 18.6 up to 20.0 pounds. They have returned to their former weight before they were reduced a few years back.

It is the Home Depot Memorial Day Sale includes 20.0 pounds. Kingsford Briquets made of charcoal, 2 packs for $12.88. Save 46% off the normal cost of $23.87. 

Kingsford charcoal is completely natural and has no chemical ingredients for an authentic smokey taste. With grooves that are featured, you can enjoy quicker lighting and faster heating. Get yours now and get the full 40 pounds at only $12.88.

The offer is valid all day from Thursday, May 23 to the 27th of May 2019, in participating stores. There are not any restrictions in 2019, so make sure you grab them to grab them before they’re gone! The majority of Home Depot stores will be operating during holiday hours for Memorial Day (Monday, May 27.)

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