McDonalds McPick 2 for $5 Menu

McDonald’s launches a new deal starting Monday February 29.This happens just a few weeks after McDonald’s announced its McPick 2 deal for $2.

This deal is intended to replace the 2-for-2 deal, which was being evaluated as a new Value Menu.

It’s not known if the offer is a new short-term meal deal or a lengthy menu.

McDonald’s McPick 2 $5 Menu: You can get 2 McPicks 2 for $5.

    • Big Mac
    • Chicken McNuggets 10 Pieces
    • Filet-O-Fish
    • Quarter Pounder With Cheese
    • Fries.

McDonalds introduces the 2 for $5 Menu.

McDonalds launched the McPick2 for $2 menu in January. This included the McDouble (McChicken), Small Fry (Mozzarella sticks) and McDouble (McDouble).

We suspect that McDonalds has noticed the signs: 2 for 2$ is not making them enough. Instead of choosing a bigger menu, too many customers opt for the cheaper option of ordering a quick meal at $2. The company encourages people to spend at minimum $5 per visit.

McDonald’s 2-for-5 McDonald’s promotion deal is quite pricey compared to Burger King’s current five-items/$4 deal and Wendy’s 4 for $4 deal.

McDonalds will likely lose some customers from the “price it is everything” value seeker group in the short term. We presume that McDonalds will accept this.

They’re trying to make more profit from those customers who are loyal and purchase higher-quality items than they do to try to satisfy the budget deal-chasing crowd. Take note that the $2 for $5 menu does NOT include any drinks. Many customers will order a soft beverage.

McPick2 for $5 Menu.-

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