Odeon Cinema ticket Prices 2022 | Find Out How Much Odeon Cinema Tickets Cost?

Odeon Cinema ticket: Over the years Odeon Cinemas has provided unforgettable film experiences for the residents from the UK, Ireland, and Norway. Odeon is also among the most well-known in these countries and is the most established company with a stellar track record and a notable history.

The company was once the biggest cinema operator within the UK and Ireland (replaced by Cineworld after a handful of new acquisitions), Odeon Cinema is an integral part of the largest cinema chain around the globe. Since it is a subsidiary of AMC Theaters, patrons can anticipate greater growth from the brand as time passes.

Odeon Cinema ticket prices 2022


Odeon Cinema ticket Prices 2022

Odeon Cinema 2D

Odeon Cinema Standard Seating



Adult – 2D – Standard


Child (12 and Under) – 2D – Standard


Teen (13-17) – 2D – Standard


Senior – 2D – Standard


Student – 2D – Standard


Odeon Cinema Premier Seating

Adult – 2D – Premier


Child (12 and Under) – 2D – Premier


Teen (13-17) – 2D – Premier


Senior – 2D – Premier


Student – 2D – Premier


Odeon Cinema IMAX 3D

Odeon Cinema Standard Seating

Adult – IMAX 3D – Standard


Child (12 and Under) – IMAX 3D – Standard


Teen (13-17) – IMAX 3D – Standard


Senior – IMAX 3D – Standard


Student – IMAX 3D – Standard


Odeon Cinema Premier Seating

Adult – IMAX 3D – Premier


Child (12 and Under) – IMAX 3D – Premier


Teen (13-17) – IMAX 3D – Premier


Senior – IMAX 3D – Premier


Student – IMAX 3D – Premier


Odeon Cinema Disclaimer 

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Odeon Cinema Quick Histories


One of the largest and most famous theater chains across the UK, Odeon is certainly one of those that has a stronger connection to their history. Odeon remained unchanged throughout its history despite what it went through. endure. It escaped war and various acquisitions (which might be the identical thing) as well as major risks such as international expansions.

Odeon is traced to 1928. It was created in 1928 by Oscar Deutsch, a British businessman, who appeared to be adept at managing such establishments. This was so much so that by the year 1933, they already had 26 locations, and the brand name “Odeon” was already an iconic name. It became synonymous with the word ‘cinema’ or “movie theatre’, a great proof of the success and popularity of this brand. It’s quite an accomplishment since the term “Odeon” was first utilized in 1930.

One of the interesting aspects about the Odeon Cinema name is that it has a conflicting background that it has. Publicists for the brand claim they want the public to be led to believe it’s an acronym that represents the motto of the founders: “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”.

However, some experts doubt that’s the case because the word is very similar to the Greek “Odeion,” which translates to “a space for singing”. The term was previously employed throughout Italy and France in the 1920s. Additionally, the term “nickelodeon” was believed by some to have been coined in 1888, and later used in the US for small cinemas.

It’s important to remember that right from the beginning that Odeon cinemas from the beginning, Odeon cinemas were designed to be distinctive. They were designed specifically to be spectacular, which was different from other cinemas across the nation at the time of its inception. This could have brought more people in and helped the company make its mark in the rapidly growing business. The year 1941 saw 142 theaters were specifically designed to accommodate Odeon Cinema. Odeon Cinema.

The next phase of growth came with The Rank Organisation bought some interest in the company. The group would then purchase the local operations of Paramount Pictures, an American production, and distribution firm.

Many transactions and sales were completed in the early 2000s, which resulted in Odeon being acquired by UCI cinemas. The brand was later transferred by AMC Theatres in 2016. This was the first time it became the largest theater chain within the UK in terms of market share. In regards to size, Cineworld could have surpassed its competitors already.

Odeon Cinema Fantastic Deals


Based on its past that, it’s possible for Odeon to endeavor to give a new experience for guests. It’s not like they’re performing the same way as Deutsch did in the past with impressive interiors and architecture, however, they’re always creating new and exciting offerings which will make your movie-going experience different.

How? They’ve got many exciting films such as special shows, as well as top-of-the-line facilities which distinguish their brand from the other cinema chains.

In the beginning, they hold special screenings created to be geared towards people with hearing and sight disabilities as well as autism. They hold special screenings twice each month for those with autism. They also provide options for people with sight and hearing loss.

It is also the most important offering of the Odeon. Its Odeon Luxe Leicester Square has been described as a magnificent theatre. It is a favorite venue for premier events and is equipped with the latest technology, amenities as well as services top-of-the-line.

They also are very successful in the film itself. There are many ways movie lovers can take pleasure in a film which range from the standard to more extravagant.

 Odeon’s locations in the United Kingdom 


  • Odeon Kingston – The Rotunda Centre, Clarence Street
  • Odeon Norwich – Wherry Road
  • Odeon Southampton – Leisureworld, W Quay Road
  • Odeon Brighton – Kingswest, West Street
  • Odeon Manchester – 27 Withy Grove
  • Odeon Wimbledon – 39 The Broadway, London
  • Odeon Preston – Port Way


More information on Odeon’s Official site, click here.

Odeon Cinema Prices


With the amazing deals, they could be, you may be thinking that Odeon Cinema prices are out of your reach. But this isn’t the situation. Yes, their premium offers are more expensive than the ones they compete with, however, they also offer great offers for regular movie lovers. They also allow their patrons to cut costs on their trips so they are able to come back for more film nights.

To locate the Odeon Cinema near your location check the website.

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