Established in 1993 by Brian Schultz in 1993, SMG was a poor start, as they have were the only ones with rights to films which are currently declining in popularity and to be released via video. SMG has only one cinema and it was a challenge to inspire people who are unwilling to changes.

A lot of studios are reluctant to offer them first-run films because they were tiny movie theaters in the past. Things changed once Schultz obtained a second location and a larger cinema, to convince other studios to provide them with new films.

In the end, a studio has agreed to Schultz’s demands. In 2000, his vision of being a casual dining restaurant as well as a cinema is now on its way up the ranks. They now serve top-quality food and screening Hollywood blockbuster films.

As of 2014, SMG received an award from the Caruth Institute of Entrepreneurship as one of Dallas”100 Fastest-Growing Companies. Schultz has also received numerous accolades for his accomplishments as an entrepreneur.



The concept of a theatre is efficient as the patrons need not look for restaurants close to the theater. They can eat their meals while watching the film. You can also grab some beverages in the lounge as they wait and when the film has ended.

SMG also offers an email-based club, where member can enjoy free screenings, be a part of exclusive events, and receive tickets discounted. Gift cards can also be purchased for purchase on the internet. The buyer can choose to add personal messages. 

The company offers a variety of outreach programs that support several foundations. The theater has Special Needs Screenings which are held every two months and is completely free for children with special needs with their parents.

It’s not surprising that many people view SMG as an important player in the world of cinema because it brought something new and exciting. They were the first to pioneer developing a business that serves two distinct market segments, yet it did not stop them from expanding and changing the notion of a memorable cinema experience.