Vue Cinema Prices – 2022 | Find Out How Much Vue Cinema Tickets Cost?

If you love watching movies likely have their favorite theaters to visit. Cinephiles will most likely go to independent cinemas which show their most loved foreign and contemporary films. People who wish to view the most recent releases can go to a cinema chain.

Vue Cinemas is among the locations that a lot of patrons prefer to visit because of a variety of reasons. One reason is that it’s one of the biggest chains in the UK is a great choice. The facilities, technologies, and offers are attractive. Based on the way they conduct the business they have, it’s not unexpected that they have loyal customers who come back time and again to watch the latest blockbusters.

Vue Cinema ticket prices



Vue Cinema Standard Prices



Adult – Standard


Teen (13-18) – Standard


Child (2-12) – Standard


Senior (60+) – Standard


Student – Standard


Vue Cinema VIP Prices 

Adult – VIP


Teen (13-18) – VIP


Child (2-12) – VIP


Senior (60+) – VIP


Student – VIP


Vue Cinema Recliner Prices

Adult – Recliner


Teen (13-18) – Recliner


Child (2-12) – Recliner


Senior (60+) – Recliner


Student – Recliner



PriceListo gathers actual pricing data from sources like visits to the site or business websites, as well as telephone interviews. Prices on this website are derived from at least one of those sources. The prices mentioned on this website might not be accurate and might not be applicable to all locations under the business’s brand. For current prices call the business location that is of interest to you.

Vue Cinema Quick History

In comparison to other local film theatre chains in the UK Vue’s background isn’t as deeply rooted in the local cinema scene. Vue is an international company from the start.

In 1999, the company was founded as Spean Bridge Cinemas, the first location opened in the year 2001 with the Circuit Cinema brand in Scotland. Then they changed the name of the company to SBC International Cinemas as they also opened cinemas in Faro, Portugal, and Taipei, Taiwan. The cinemas in Faro were shut down in 2014.

The year 2003 was the time they had been operating four cinemas, and later purchased Warner Village Cinemas which had 36 cinemas. That was also when the name was changed to Vue Entertainment. Then, two more years after, the company purchased Ster Century Cinemas. Ster Century cinema chain, and then the Apollo Cinemas and Multikino around 10 years after.

Their most notable accomplishments are the purchase of the most lucrative cinema across the United Kingdom or Ireland (Dublin’s Liffey Valley Shopping Centre) and the development of the UK’s first eSports stadium (the Vue Gfinity Arena).

By the year 2021 Vue operates around 225 outlets across Europe as well as Taiwan. There are also several divisions within Vue International. Vue International name.

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Vue Cinema Prices

There’s some disagreement regarding the issue of Vue Cinema prices. Some people say it’s more affordable than its competitors, but others disagree. It can cause some confusion, but every statement has some truth to them.

In the beginning, as other chains of cinemas, Vue Cinema charges slightly differently for tickets at various locations. The difference isn’t too significant but the company has standardized their pricing across all places a few years ago.

The change was triggered due to a small controversy in the year 2019 when there was protests were raised over the difference in price between the Carmarthen location and Cardiff was much higher than the price charged in Cardiff. The prices caused a lot of criticism in the past, as residents believed it drove people away from the town instead of seeing the cinemas locally. It wasn’t good for town residents, they claimed.

The rates were adjusted after the campaign received some of the public’s interest. This was a win-win situation since it strengthened the brand’s status to be one of the most reputable theater chains that offer luxurious services at a reasonable cost.

The prices of Vue Cinemas are extremely competitive as they permit patrons to bring non-alcoholic drinks and food items to their theaters. Although their concession stands provide expensive food that is usual in cinemas, moviegoers can cut expenses by bringing their own food.

To locate a Vue Cinema near your location check the Official website.

Vue Cinema Special Offers

With a global operation and a global presence, it shouldn’t come as an unsurprising fact that Vue is a bit different in its way of doing business with its movies in comparison with other British theater chains. When you look at their offerings it appears that they are addressing the top issues that plague the cinema industry.

In the beginning, they offer cheap prices for tickets. Many people from other regions of the world are hesitant about going to the cinema due to the rising cost of tickets, and Vue solves this problem by offering tickets at a reasonable price.

However, they do not compromise on the offerings. The theaters they operate offer different types of cinematic experiences, so patrons are able to choose from many possibilities. They also have IMAX or 3D screens to provide an immersive experience. They also have four-channel and Xtreme screens to provide better definition and a more immersive experience. They also offer the Vue Scene, which lets guests enjoy the best of cinema in their exclusive cinemas.

One thing to be aware of However, it is important to note that Vue offers recliner seats, without having to upgrade your tickets. Some chains charge an additional fee for these seats however Vue has equipped certain theaters with the furniture to provide an enhanced experience at the movies. People who wish to upgrade may get it with VIP seating.

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