VUE Food Prices 2022 – Find Out How Much Vue popcorn Cost?

Vue is among the most well-known and biggest theater chains across the UK. Their candy bar is packed with tasty snacks, drinks, and lots of other food options to pick from. Find out what the entire experience costs here.

Here are the most up-to-date Vue food price


Vue Food & Popcorn Prices in 2022


Menu Item 


VUE Popcorn 

Kids Popcorn


Small Popcorn


Regular Popcorn


Large Popcorn


VUE Snacks

Walkers Max Strong


Jacob’s Cracker Crisps




Deli Crisps




VUE Hot Food

Nachos (regular)


Nachos (large)




VUE Confectionary

Chocolate Pouch


Sweet Bag


Candy Floss


VUE Drinks



Tango Ice Blast (regular)


Tango Ice Blast (large)


Soft Drink (small)


Soft Drink (regular)


Soft Drink (large)


VUE Combos

Coffee & Nibbles (12oz hot drink and McVities Nibbles)


Kids Combo (12oz soft drink or water, popcorn, small candy)


Snack It (reg. milkshake or 22oz soft drink, popcorn, small candy)


VUE Cinemas YouTube


To learn more about VUE Cinemas near your, visit their official website.

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