| Enter the Activation Code |

On television with Smart capabilities, go to YouTube and then select “Login”.

The screen should show your activation key.

On your mobile gadget (smartphone, tablet, or laptop) open

If the address entered in the browser is correctly entered you will be able to find an entry in your Google profile. After logging into the account using your password, then enter the code that was issued by the TV, and then click on the window.

The next step is just to press “Next”, confirm your action by clicking the “Accept” “Accept” button and enjoy the increased possibilities to control the application using mobile devices.

YouTube is among the most amazing platforms offering a broad variety of shows. From educational content to and entertainment, you’ll get everything you need on YouTube. However, watching these shows on a tiny screen doesn’t appeal to everyone. The ability to watch YouTube videos on a larger screen is more enjoyable than the smaller screen of a laptop or desktop.

With the latest release of Smart TVs and other devices on the market and you can connect the internet via your Smart TV to your YouTube within a matter of minutes. Even if you don’t have a Smart TV, you are able to connect to devices such as Xbox One, PS3, Roku, and Kodu to use your normal TV to stream YouTube. However, these devices must have you sign in and then activate YouTube prior to being able to watch your most-loved shows on your television.

To activate YouTube TV using

Start YouTube TV on your smart TV:

You will receive the activation code on the screen of your device.

Visit a web browser, and enter within the search bar.

Input the code for activation to join your device.

Click next to confirm the connection

Your YouTube account is now active and will begin to stream entertainment.

Way to Activate YouTube on Smart TVs

Allowing YouTube on smart TVs is quite easy. It is important to know that there are TV models that don’t support the YouTube App. Find out if the device can support it if you are unable to locate a YouTube on your television. In order to activate the service, follow the URL for connecting your Smart TV to YouTube.

Launch the YouTube App for your TV.

On the left-hand side click on the Gear icon.

Click Sign In to sign in

You will receive an 8-code-digit code. Make sure to keep the screen open while you complete the procedure.

Go to on your computer or mobile.

Log in using your Google account details then sign in.

You must enter the code of 8 digits.

Select the Allow Access button if are presented with the option.

Way to Activate YouTube TV on Roku Device

Then connect to your Roku via your smart TV, and then sign in to the Roku account.

Check that you’re in the Wi-Fi network.

To go to the Home screen, you must be pressing the Home button on your remote.

Select the Roku Channel Store, and press OK.

From Top is a free option. choose YouTube and then select OK using your remote.

In the menu Choose Add channel, then click OK.

Give it a few minutes and it can be added to your existing channels. To confirm, click the Home button, then go to the channels I have. YouTube is now listed on your channels list.

Open and select and open the YouTube TV channel.

Click on the Gear icon located on the left-hand side of the YouTube channel.

Log in and input your Google account details.

Roku will provide the 8-digit number.

Visit via your mobile or PC.

Log into your account with your Google account details.

Enter the eight digits and continue.

Click Allow Access.

Activating YouTube on PlayStation3

Find and launch your YouTube app on PS3. If this is your first visit you’ll need to input your Google account details when you sign up. Once you are signed in, enter the code provided by visiting

Sign in to your account and then the settings.

Select sin and then press the X

Take note of the code given.

Then, visit via your personal computer.

Log in with your Google account details.

Then, enter the code that is provided.

Click to allow access.

Way to Activate YouTube on Xbox One

Go to the YouTube app and try to connect it, you will be given a code that you will enter at On Xbox One, locate the YouTube application. If you are using YouTube for the first time then sign in with your Google account details and log in.

Sign in to your account and then change the settings.

Sign in with your username and then click X.

Pay attention to the code provided.

Visit on your mobile or laptop.

Sign in using your Google account details.

Enter the code and select allow access.

YouTube Activate on Kodi

Go to settings

Select Add-ons.

Select Install from Repository/Get Addons

Select Kodi add-on Repository.

Choose and locate the video add-ons you want to use

Click and locate YouTube.

Click Install.

After installation, visit videos and then select Add-ons

Select and Open YouTube.

Select Sign In

Pay attention to the code that is provided.

Visit from your personal computer.

Log in with your Google account details.

Enter the code provided after which click Allow Access.

Activate YouTube on Apple TV

Sign in, then settings, then select sign in.

The app will issue an access code.

Visit on your computer or mobile.

Sign in to your Google account. Choose Your Google+ account associated with your YouTube Channel.

Enter the code and select allow access.

Activate YouTube com on Samsung TV

Sign in, and settings, and then sign in.

Take note of the code given by the app.

Visit on your smartphone or computer.

Input your Google account details.

Log in with the code provided, and then proceed.

Click Allow Access.


You can obtain the activation code through another method to activate the activation code: you must turn on your “Login” command directly on YouTube which also causes the code for activation onto the screen. Well and now in any standard browser on the computer, we pass to, we enter into your account or channel and enter the code received in the TV. All you have to do is select “Allow” and now you can manage the widget on the TV from your computer.

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